Wild Birds of Tennessee - Deb Campbell Photography
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Why this is a favorite of mine.

I went to Seven Islands WMA to photograph the gorgeous sunflower field. As I was shooting the landscapes I noticed several butterflies and birds flying about and landing on the flowers and stems. I hurried back to the car and grabbed my zoom lens. I set up just outside of the field and waited. I spent over two hours in this spot watching all the activity. Particularly the Indigo Buntings which are one of my favorite birds. As I patiently waited and watched they were landing just a little too far away. I told myself if I was patient enough, surely one would land close enough to get a decent shot off. Just after that, this male flew and landed about 30 feet in front of me and posed atop this perfect bloom. I could not have wished for better. It just goes to show you, if you wait long enough you just might get lucky. If you don't, you won't know what you've missed.

Male Indigo Bunting on Sunflower
Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge
Kodak, Tennessee

**2014 cover photo for Seven Islands State Birding Park Brochure.